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These Wiccan Spells are generally performed in full moon. Wiccan or Pagan Witchcraft is paganism that is done spiritually with five classical elements, namely Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. There are Wiccan spells for practically any positive purpose you can think of. Wiccan or Pagan Witchcraft is paganism that is done spiritually with five classical elements, namely Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. It is an occult science that preaches Wiccan Rede: ‘An’ it harm none, do what ye will which means ‘as long as you aren’t harming any one, do as you wish’ (sourced). It is a vast subject that persists since ages. It is performed in chants known as Wiccan Spells. Wiccan has some ethical codes popularly termed as Wiccan morality. Mostly wiccans deem Ardanes, a set of 161 laws, which were mostly created in midst of 20th century. Wiccans have utmost faith and confidence in their paganism and follow it religiously.

Wiccan is practiced often ritually with magic. These Wiccan Spells are generally performed in full moon. This form of occult science is performed by coven assembling in a magic circle chanting invocation to the five elements. Also, there are certain tools those are needed to carry out the spells cast viz a knife, a wand, a pentacle and a chalice. Few more are the supporting tools like broomstick, candles, curved blade, incense sticks and cauldron. It is done in specific manner and explicit routine. This schedule starts by purification of place and participants and making a circle which is then followed by invocation to the elements and drawing down the Gods and finally the spell casting. This is to be followed ritually and profusely.

Another concept for Wiccan Spells casting is the Three-Fold Law also known as Rule of Three. This Law states that whatever energy a person puts out to this world be it negative or positive, he will receive three times of the same. Now, there are multiple theories and perceptions related to this Law. Some people abide by this law without changing it where as some of them has their own insights leaning towards the ethics of the witchcraft and karma of any individual. One can find immense and in-depth details in the books Wicca, written by Raymond Buckland.

Wiccan Spell is also described as paganism that I a method of reintegrating groups and individuals to regain the significance of togetherness and daily routines. Sabbats, as it is commonly termed, are the term for the seasonal festivals celebrated by the Wiccans. They term it as Wheel of the Year. Different covens of Wiccans follow it differently, as, few follow them in set of eight where as some in set of four, some adhere to set of six, it is deemed as per their perception and teachings.

Wiccan Spells hold the power to unite the five elements and drive the energy in to the desired direction and aimed actions. Mr.  G.D. Shastri can help you in finding the right spells and carry out the same on your behalf with utmost accuracy and acute synergy. Hope this article imparts the needed information; keep eyeing on more to come with fresh insights. Wiccan is a practice which helps people to attain stability and steadiness in their lives, however, the generic meaning of this occult science has been misinterpreted and misused.

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