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Love Marriage Solution, Husband Wife Problem Solution, Love Problem Solution,  Get Love Back Solution, Love Dispute Problem Business Problem Solution. Here is when the husband wife problem starts. It is mere a discussion that turns in to a heated argument and finally a fight. Gradually these small fights create a gap in communication and destroy the relation. Marriage, it is an institution that teaches the importance of love, care, togetherness, and respecting the differences. This serene relation is of two people, husband and wife. They are two pillars of the relation and complement each other. An understanding between the two is the key to a happy relationship. However, two individual is never the same and hence, there is always a room for difference of opinion.

There can be reasons for husband wife problem, such as a dispute with in-laws, smoking and drinking habit of husband, procrastination of wife, extra marital affairs and the list is endless. This can be broadly speculated that the major cause for the discrepancies is not being able to communicate the differences effectively and moreover discussing the problem rather than focusing on the solution. Having a problem between husband and wife is normal. It is intoxicated by the ego and ignorance of any one or both.

Husband wife problem is universal, it occurs when they both start taking each other for granted. However, there are more reasons that are overlooked due to ignorance of the subject. Those reasons are planets of the couple clashing for power. It may sound illogical to some but they hold a good amount of mood fluctuations and trait variations. The couples unknown from this fact allow themselves to be more frustrated and rebel to their counterpart. The acuteness of a healthy relationship is based on the understanding and comprehensiveness of the couple. Having a problem in the first place is not an issue, not trying to resolve the matter is the setback.

There are nine planets that influence our lives directly or indirectly. They are popularly known as ‘Navgrah’ in Hinduism, namely, Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. The positioning of these grah’s in each individuals ‘kundli’ is bound to influence the personality traits of him/her. Secondly, these positioning of the planets, celestial bodies, constellation and lunar nodes also determine their compatibility and respond in a distinctive way in different combination. Any layman will need an expert to read these combinations and figure out the root cause of the behavior. This may give an acute way to husband wife problem solution.

It takes years to learn the subtle language of these bodies. They are very coherent in nature and have a story behind each amalgamation. Astrologer Mr. G.D. Shastri, a pro in giving husband wife problem solution has in-depth knowledge in the study of the navgrahs, that helps him to figure out the problem easily and then resolve it with customized ‘vidhis’ that renders peace and love to the couple and are more tolerant and patient towards their better half. However, these things do influence your relation but without persistence, perseverance and hard work no relation can lead a happy and joyful life. The first mantra for problem free life is to give respect to each other as individual and value their a difference of opinion.

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